Indian tribes want to sell tribal herbal remedies

By The Associated Press – AUSTIN (AP) Indians are gearing up to sell their tribal herbal medicines, arguing that they have medicinal value in modern medicine and that a lack of regulation could limit their use.

The move comes after U.S. authorities seized nearly 4,000 pieces of herbal medicine from tribal tribes and other groups last year, sparking criticism from some Indians who say the DEA’s actions have hurt their ability to make medicinal claims.

The White House on Wednesday announced it was partnering with tribes in their fight against the DEA.

The DEA said it would give tribes access to information it collected in its raid on the tribes.

The move comes a day after Indian tribes were granted permission by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to sell a range of medicines under the Food and Agricultural Organization for International Development program.

It was a milestone for tribal medicines, which are among the world’s oldest medicines.

The DEA has seized hundreds of thousands of drugs, including several of Native American healing herbs and vitamins, under a federal law that went into effect in February, including the herbs and vitamin A, which can ease pain and promote recovery.

The latest DEA action was the first of its kind in U.W. history, which also allowed tribes to export their medicinal products.

It also allowed them to export the medicines to U.K. and other countries.

The U.P.S., which has a member tribe in South Dakota, was granted permission to sell medicinal marijuana to the tribe, which is based on the reservation in South Dakotas.

The tribe, led by Chief Loy Brawley, has said it has received no funding from the U,S.

government and has never been granted access to government-funded research.

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