A new ‘Kulitis’ herbal medicine has been approved in Scotland

KULITIAC PHARMACEUTICALS is selling a new ‘kulitic’ herbal treatment for arthritis, heart disease and a number of other ailments.KULITIC has been made from the dried seeds of the shrub kulitis, and contains herbal extracts that are commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine.

The herbal medicine is priced at £1,300 for a single dose, while a 50-day supply is available for £1.50.

Kulitic is a product that was originally created in Russia and is a derivative of the plant, which is also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Kuznia Zhdanova, a product development manager at KULIAC, said the company had been testing the product on a small number of patients, and hoped to offer it to the public by the end of 2018.

“I think it is an exciting product and I think it will be quite popular, so we are trying to make it available as soon as possible,” she said.

“We are also testing the products with patients in a trial mode.”

Some patients may experience some side effects, but we are working hard to address that.

“Herbal medicine is available in Scotland for about £2.50 a month.

The product is sold in capsules, but is also available online.

Kushal Patel, senior scientist at the Centre for Medical Research, said there was a potential market for a ‘kush’ herbal remedy, which was used as a painkiller.”

It’s really hard to find products that actually contain the ingredients in kush and we know that there is a market for it,” he said.KUZIA DANOVA, Senior Scientist at the Center for Medical

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