When the ‘gigantic’ herbal cat pill is coming to your town

This is the moment a herbal cat product is going to be hitting the shelves in your town.

The “gigantuan” pill is the first in a new class of herbal cat products that are aimed at alleviating the common pet health problem of feline urinary tract infections (UTIs).

In addition to cat-friendly ingredients, the pill includes “feline-safe” cat poop.

The product’s official website lists the price as $129.99 for the 100-milligram pill and $219.99 as a 500-milliliter “fungicide-free” pill.

While the product is billed as “super effective,” it’s unclear how effective the pill is for treating UTIs, or how much it can do for cats in general.

According to a press release from the product’s manufacturer, Catalysts, the cat pill was developed to be “faster, less toxic, and more effective than traditional cat-safe cat treats,” according to the company’s website.

Catalyts says the pill was tested in labs at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The Catalytic cat pill works by using the body’s immune system to kill the parasite that causes UTIs.

Cat-safe products can be as simple as giving cats a few pills of the pill each day and giving them cat treats for a few weeks.

For a cat who gets UTIs from an owner who doesn’t regularly wash their cat’s paws, it can be difficult to give the pill to a cat that regularly uses cat litter.

“If we were to do it this way, the efficacy is limited to cats who have been treated in the last 6 months with the cat-scented cat product,” Catalytics CEO Michael Schmiedinger said.

Cat owners have had to resort to making their cats clean paws before using the pill, as well as washing their cat paws to avoid ingesting the pill.

Cat litter has been found to be a possible culprit for UTIs in cats, as it contains the parasite.

The pill’s manufacturer says that it is the product of research done by Catalytys’ Dr. Andrew N. Tompkins.

“We have taken this approach with the Catalyzates pill, and we have learned that it works by taking advantage of the body of the cat, and it works well for cats with the condition,” Tompks said in a statement to The Huffington Report.

The company also said the pill has been tested in cat owners’ pets.

Catalyss claims the pill will reduce urinary tract infection by 40 percent, and help cats avoid UTIs for up to 18 months.

Tapping into this trend is another trend cat lovers are embracing.

The New York Times published an article in November that described a “trend” that cat owners are embracing to treat their pets’ UTIs with cat treats: “I started using cat treats because I had a cat,” said Sarah, who lives in New York.

“It’s not like I could go to the pet store and buy cat treats and they were going to treat my cat.

So, I think I’ve found my pet.”

A cat owner who has been using Catalytzys pill for a year told The Huffington Press that she has seen a dramatic decrease in UTIs among cats who take the pill daily.

“With the pill I’ve had less UTIs,” she said.

“They’ve just been much easier to treat.

It was really a huge improvement.

I really do think it was an important step in the right direction.”

For cat owners who aren’t as patient with cats as they are with their pets, Catalysys pill can be a helpful alternative.

“I think there’s a lot of people out there that have tried the pill and are still trying to figure out what it is they’re supposed to do with the pills and the poop, but I think it’s very effective for most cats,” said Schmiesinger.

“The cats are really responsive and they’re getting a lot more help out of it than they would have without it.”

Catalysies cat treats are sold by Catalysts directly through Catalynts website.

“People need to be proactive,” Schmiersinger said of the pills effectiveness in treating UTI’s.

“When you’re a cat owner, there are some things that you have to think about with your cats and that’s the poop and the cat litter.”

In addition, the Catalyses pill has a high level of side effects that cats don’t normally have to deal with, such as kidney damage and stomach irritation.

However, Schmiesters claims the cat treats’ benefits far outweigh any side effects.

“For the cat owner that has a cat, they are probably going to get a lot out of the Catales pill,” he said.

As cat owners and cat lovers continue to experiment with cat-approved cat products, there is a growing

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