Germany’s herbal medicine industry is booming, but the numbers are dwindling

The number of herbal medicine prescriptions in Germany rose by 11.4% in 2016, according to the Bayerische Bayerische Medicinen, the company that runs Bayerische Garten.

The figures do not include prescriptions from other pharmacies, which have also grown by 12.6%.

“We are seeing a growth of both the herbal medicine market and pharmaceuticals,” said Joerg Rieder, Bayerische Gesellschaft.

“We believe that the number of prescriptions for herbal medicine and medicines related to diabetes and other conditions will be increasing, which is very exciting for us.”

The number is expected to increase further this year as the European Union’s medicinal medicines directive, which requires medicines sold in Germany to be labelled as containing ingredients approved by the European Medicines Agency, takes effect.

It means the European Commission can issue licences to companies to supply medicines to consumers, rather than require them to prove that they have been tested.

This will lead to an increased number of patients being prescribed drugs, which could lead to a further rise in the number.

“This will increase demand for herbal medicines and herbal products and also boost sales of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs,” said Michael Schiebinger, a professor of medicine at the University of Bonn.

The number in Germany grew by 13.1% in 2017, the biggest increase since the pharmaceutical industry began publishing its data in 2010.

Bayerische BMG expects to see an even greater increase this year, as more people come to rely on its services.

The company’s sales jumped by 9.5% in 2018.

“I would estimate that our sales of herbal medicines are about 15-20% of our total sales, and that is a big number,” said Ried, adding that Bayerische Pharma is the largest distributor of herbal products in Germany.

“It’s the best-known herbal medicine brand, but it’s also very popular in Germany.”

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