‘I feel like a saint’: Pancho Villa, ‘a friend of mine’ dies at 90

Panchol Villa, the man who was a pillar of Puerto Rico’s civil war, has died.

Villa was 90 years old.

He died on Friday night in Puerto Rico, his wife, Rosalia, told local news outlet Oaxaca, after he was admitted to a hospital in the city of San Juan, in western Puerto Rico.

Villa’s daughter said he was suffering from a heart attack.

Villa, who fought alongside the guerrillas, was captured in 1945 and later died in captivity.

He was a prominent figure in Puerto Rican nationalism, which became an integral part of the countrys struggle for independence from Spain.

Villa served as the head of the Puerto Rican military during the civil war.

He fought with the Popular Army of the Philippines during the war.

During the war, Villa was captured, tortured and killed, but escaped in 1945.

He later became an active member of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) and served as a general in the guerrilla army, which he left in 1951.

In the late 1950s, Villa went on to become a prominent leader of the islands liberation struggle, which was led by former President Luisa Ortega.

He helped found the National Liberation Army, and was awarded the Military Cross of the Order of the Purple Heart in 1968.

The guerrilla army led by Villa was responsible for many of the most brutal acts committed by the military, including the murder of hundreds of civilians, including civilians, members of the military and other political leaders, including Ortegas husband, Emilio Ortegi, who was also tortured and died in prison.

Villa also fought in a military campaign against the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Villa died in his home on Saturday, according to a statement on his website.

A photo of Villa with Ortegs family shows him with a smiling face.

Villa had served in the military for over 60 years, the AP reported.

Villa grew up in the Puerto Rico capital, San Juan.

In 1946, he was drafted into the Puerto Rios Army.

During World War II, he joined the Puerto Army.

In 1960, he and a group of guerrillos captured the citys airfield and forced it to close, prompting Ortego to declare martial law.

Villa and a number of other Puerto Ricans fought for Ortegas liberation from Spain, and helped liberate Puerto Rico from U.S. control.

Villa fought alongside Ortegonas guerrillo forces during the conflict.

He escaped in 1972, but was captured again.

The AP reported that Villa, while in prison, was beaten and tortured by prisoners who wanted him to hand over his body.

Villa is buried in the northern state of Puerto Plata.

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