Yoruba’s herbal medicine has been linked to cancer

The Yorubas medicinal herbs were recently discovered to have a powerful cancer-fighting property, according to a report published by The Jerusalem Report.

The report, based on research from Dr. Zvi Gershon, a Yoraba doctor who specializes in the medicinal properties of medicinal plants, also stated that a Yuba herbal remedy known as “sakuga” (a mixture of dried seaweed and bamboo shoots) could have been used as a cancer-causing agent.

“There is no doubt that the Yorabas herbal medicine can kill cancer cells, as it was shown to kill cancer-related cells in laboratory studies,” Dr. Gerson said.

“But the real potential of this remedy is in its ability to kill tumors from all stages of development, from the smallest tumors to the largest tumors.”

The research has been supported by the Israel Cancer Research Foundation and the Israel Fund for Medical Research.

The Yorrubas herbal remedy has also been linked with the prevention of cervical cancer, according a report from The Jerusalem Institute of Medical Sciences.

“This is a great discovery, and it will bring great joy to Yorruba people.

They can now use this herbal medicine for their health and happiness, while they still have a chance to live a healthy life,” Dr Gersons son, Yosef, told The Jerusalem Reporter.

The Jerusalem Fund for medical research also funded the research.

“We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to the research of this medicinal plant, and hope to further our understanding of its use,” Dr Jonathan B. Kretzmann, President of the Israel Foundation for Medical Studies, said in a statement.

“I am especially grateful to Dr. Rafi for his valuable contributions to the medical research community, and am grateful for the cooperation that we are seeing from his colleagues in Israel.”

Dr. Berenberg Medical Center in Jerusalem, which conducts research on cancer and AIDS, also published a report in June stating that a small study conducted by the Jerusalem Institute for Medical Sciences, led by Dr. Yaakov Berenbaum, showed that the yoruba medicinal herb “biyas” (the name translates to “yellow grass”) may have been a promising cancer treatment.

“In this small study, the researchers used a compound extracted from the root of the yorruba plant that has been shown to reduce the production of cancer cells in vitro, and found that the compound has the potential to reverse the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation that have been associated with the carcinogenesis of human tumors,” Dr Berenbied told The Israel Times.

“Yoruba people have been trying for many years to develop a cancer treatment for cancer patients and we are excited that we can finally do so.

We are confident that this herb will prove to be an effective, safe and effective treatment for some cancers,” he added.

According to the report, Yorrubs medicinal herb was discovered during a recent research project in the Yorrube National Park in the northern part of the country.

Yorruda’s medicinal herb, the most commonly used in the world, is also a popular herb in the Middle East. “

Even though this compound is not a cancer drug, we can say that it has a very good potential for cancer treatment,” Dr Keren added.

Yorruda’s medicinal herb, the most commonly used in the world, is also a popular herb in the Middle East.

The herb was found to be effective against ovarian cancer, colon cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer and lymphoma.

It has also shown promise against melanoma, and has been reported to be a cancer preventant.

“It is very important to realize that the herb has no effect on the immune system of the human body, and thus it is not dangerous,” Dr Moti Sagi, an assistant professor of pathology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told Haaretz.

“However, the herb does have a very powerful ability to destroy cancer cells,” he said.

The Israeli health ministry reported that a study conducted in June revealed that the herbal remedy “yorubascan” could be used as an anticancer drug.

“When the medicine is given in doses that exceed the normal doses, it is shown to have anticancer effects,” the ministry reported.

The ministry also stated, “A preliminary study in the Israeli Cancer Research Fund, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that Yorraba’s herb, yorrabas, can inhibit cancer cell proliferation in vitro and kill tumors in vivo.”

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