When I was a kid, I was an herbal medicine student

I am a student of herbal medicine and my goal is to become a full-fledged herbal medicine practitioner in the near future.

I am in my early 20s, and my mother is a herbal medicine doctor.

She has been in her home village of Khadipuram for the last 18 years.

My father is also a herbal doctor.

When I was younger, my mother used to send me to herbal medicine schools in my village, where we were taught about herbs.

My mother also used to do herbal medicine courses at home as well.

We had an herbal clinic here at home for about two years.

After our graduation from the university, I took up my first herbal medicine course at a nearby school.

When my father had retired from his job as an assistant general manager in a major pharmaceutical company, I wanted to become an herbal doctor too.

But I was not accepted in any of the herbal medicine colleges that were open in my locality.

I started studying herbal medicine at the M.M. University.

At the time, I had only finished my undergraduate degree in chemistry.

I was still in my second year of the Mumbaikars’ college.

After completing my course, I started working as a student and working at my parents’ home.

My parents also worked as herbal medicine doctors.

I was also a part-time herbal medicine resident at the Kalyani Health Centre.

I also took herbal medicine classes at my home.

As I started taking herbal medicine in the year 2000, I got a doctorate in organic chemistry from Mumbra University.

It was around the time that my mother started her own herbal medicine clinic in Khadapuram, which is now the University of Mumbrella.

I had taken my doctorate degree from M. M. University in the summer of 2001.

At the time I was living in my home village, and I used to visit the K. Mumbila clinic every day.

I would visit the clinic and have tea with my herbal medicine teachers.

My herbal medicine teacher would then introduce me to the students there.

I became a student after completing my degree.

When my parents died, my elder sister and I took our elder sister’s medicine courses in her house.

She took herbal medicines for the rest of her life.

In fact, I became the herbal medicines officer at my elder brother’s home village.

My elder brother took up herbal medicine as well, but I did not.

My brother is now a full member of the local government and has started working in the local hospital.

After my father passed away, my older sister and we were living in our home village and studying.

At that time, we started doing herbal medicine training.

My sister also took her own course and was now a part of the medical faculty at Khadipsuram’s Mumbala University.

We also took herb medicine courses and took part in herbal medicine workshops here.

My younger sister has also started studying medicine and she has taken herbal medicine for the past five years.

My elder sister also started her medicine training after her elder sister passed away.

She was a full practitioner of herbal medicines.

Her elder sister was an assistant doctor and took herbal classes.

She had taught herbal medicine there.

My older sister is now an assistant professor in the faculty.

My youngest sister is an assistant lecturer in the department of herbal sciences at the University.

My youngest sister was also working as an herbal medical officer at the Ullam police station.

I did herbal medicine practice in Khadeerapur and Mumbali.

My eldest sister also studied herbal medicine from time to time at the police station and also at the medical college in Khaderapur.

We used to come to the station often.

When I joined the police in 2015, I also began doing herbal medicines practice in the M-M University campus.

My mother is also the herbal health specialist at the Medical College in Khadaipur.

I have been studying in the herbal medical department here at the school.

My wife has also been working in herbal health and herbal medicine.

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