What is Tribulus?

Tribulus, also known as the Indian Red Cross or Red Cross Medicin, is a brand name for a medicinal remedy made from a plant called C. elegans, a member of the genus Liliaceae.

It is a member, along with Laminaria, of the family Nepenthes.

It has long been associated with relief from pain and inflammation, and can be used to treat everything from rheumatoid arthritis to colds and asthma. 

A new study published in Nature finds that Tribulus may be a natural remedy for people with asthma, a condition in which the airways are too constricted to adequately circulate air through the body.

Researchers from Imperial College London examined the use of Tribulus in a group of asthma patients who had had their asthma treated with steroids, steroids and an asthma inhaler.

The patients received a placebo, and the researchers looked at how the patients reacted to using Tribulus.

The researchers found that the asthma patients had significantly lower levels of inflammation, compared to the asthma control group.

The asthma control patients had slightly higher levels of asthma markers in their blood and sweat.

The study also showed that when patients received Tribulus the asthma symptoms improved and the asthma severity reduced. 

Scientists have also found that Tribuses anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve symptoms of asthma, which is caused by inflammation in the airway.

“Tribulus has shown promise as a natural asthma treatment for people who suffer from asthma,” said study author Dr. David Smith, a professor of medicine at Imperial College. 

The researchers say that Tribuli has an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and could help reduce the risk of asthma.

They believe that Tribulas ability to decrease inflammation in asthma could also help improve airway function.

They say that there is a lot of research that shows that asthma is caused largely by inflammatory mediators in the lungs, including inflammation of airways, inflammation of the mucosa, and inflammation of white blood cells, but there is no direct evidence that Tribula could be a way to stop these things. 

However, the researchers said that they do not know how long Tribulus can be taken, or how well it would work. 

“We don’t know the long-term effects of long-duration treatment with Tribulus and how well or whether it will affect asthma in asthma patients, but we do know that this is a promising approach to treating asthma and other chronic conditions,” Smith said. 

Tribuli is available at Amazon.com and will be available at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center on February 6th.

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