Herbal medicine: How to take care of yourself and your family

Source Reuters title How to make herbal medicine for yourself and family article In an era of cheap, fast-acting drugs, some herbal medicines are making their way to the pharmacy shelves.

But herbal medicine is a relatively new topic.

The roots of herbal medicine go back centuries, and it is thought that it was originally used to treat various ailments.

The term is derived from the Latin word “heaventia” or “hibernation” that describes the time when plants are dormant, or hibernated.

It has since spread to many other cultures and is now used in medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine.

Some herbal medicines, such as botanical extracts and herbal medicines containing plant extracts, can contain chemicals that can affect a person’s health, including a possible allergic reaction.

A new survey has shown that almost all people who use herbal medicines for health reasons report feeling tired, fatigued or even sick after taking them.

However, many people who do use herbal medicine say it is not always a good thing.

“Some herbal products contain toxins that may cause a reaction or even cause health problems,” Dr. David F. Shafer, director of the Center for Health and the Wellbeing at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Reuters Health.

He said some of the chemicals used in herbal medicines can also increase the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

The survey, which was conducted by the Center on Aging and Health at the University of California, San Francisco, also found that about two-thirds of people who take herbal medicines said they experienced some negative side effects, including headache, nausea and vomiting.

The researchers found that only 27 percent of people taking herbal medicines reported having symptoms such as tiredness or fatigue that they thought were caused by the herbal product.

About 12 percent of participants said they were “not sure” about the safety of the products they were using.

The study also found a greater prevalence of anxiety among those who used herbal medicines than among those taking placebo or no medication.

The report, which will be published in the November issue of the journal Health Psychology, was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.

It also found people who took herbal medicine were less likely to have depression and anxiety, as well as less likely than those who did not to have a physical condition called “depressive dysthymia.”

There are many reasons to take herbal medicine, but the most important one, according to the study, is to reduce the risk for a heart attack or stroke.

“The primary reason that people take herbal products is to treat the symptoms of a heart condition that they may have,” Dr F.

Shafer said.

“This is what we want to focus on.”

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