Woods, Avocado and Herbals Are Your Best Source ESPN Criid title Avocado Herbals are Best for Your Head, Neck and Face

Avocados are among the top five most popular herbal supplements for athletes and recreational players alike, according to the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and the International Athletic Federation (IAF).

The NATA, a trade association representing over 700,000 athletes worldwide, and the IAAF, a governing body for professional and amateur athletes, said in a joint statement that Avocos are the most popular of the herbal supplements they evaluated.

The NTA and the IOC also highlighted that athletes using Avocas are more likely to have healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

A third of participants taking the Avocare supplements had an LDL cholesterol level of under 130mg/dL, which is considered the lower end of the acceptable range.

“Avocare products are designed to provide you with a dose of antioxidants that are proven to have health benefits,” said the NTA’s executive director, David McVay.

“However, these products are not designed to be used in conjunction with exercise.

You should also discuss any exercise-related medications with your doctor to ensure you are taking the proper amount.”

Athletes who are interested in Avocares should visit the NATA website to learn more about the supplements.

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