The Serie A’s biggest clubs will be able to pay their players with cash instead of cheques – and they’ll all be in the Champions League

It was one of the most anticipated matches in the history of the Champions Leagues.

The Italian football world watched as Juventus, Lazio and Napoli beat out Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to join the elite clubs in the tournament.

But a big problem had to be solved: the Italian football league had to open its doors to players to be able pay them with cash.

With the money, players could pay their salaries in real-time and not wait for them to arrive.

And now, as soon as the season starts, the teams in the top eight of Serie A will be allowed to use the cash to pay players for their services.

That means that Juventus, the defending champions of the Serie A, Lazo and Napo will be among the most popular clubs in Europe.

As a result, all of them will be in play to play in the last 16 of the tournament, meaning the winners will be the best of the best.

This is a big boost for the Italian Serie A. It is a huge financial boost for clubs and players, both at the top and at the bottom of the table.

In the past, there was only one option: you could buy a player, or you could sign him to a long-term contract, but in the end it’s always the player who will pay.

The cash payment means that every club in the competition can now play a big role in helping its players, who will not have to spend money on salaries and contracts.

This means that all of the big clubs will have a chance to earn big money.

This will also boost the quality of the competitions.

For the first time, the tournament will have four top-tier teams.

This also means that the biggest clubs in Serie A can have a stronger chance to make it to the final.

As long as they perform well, there will be an opportunity for the other top teams in Serie B to have a shot at the title.

That is a massive boost for all of Italy, and it is a major reason why the Champions league is the most-watched football competition in the world.

There is still a long way to go for the competition to become a real winner for the football community, but the introduction of cash payments is a step in the right direction for the sport in Italy.

And it will also open up the doors to the best teams in Europe to be in a position to compete for the title and to have an even bigger say in the success of the league.

The introduction of cheque payments for players is a positive step for the game in Italy, where the financial crisis has had a negative impact on the sport.

As soon as a player is signed, the club has to pay a sum of money to the player.

That sum is usually a few hundred euros, which means that many players will only be able make a couple of hundred euros a month, while their teams will only get a few thousand euros a season.

In Italy, players are not only working long hours in order to play football, but also playing sports that are very physically demanding.

And that is not good for their bodies.

So if a player wants to play sports that have a lot of physical demands, like baseball, basketball or tennis, he should be able afford to do that.

But the introduction and use of chequebook payments will help make the game more attractive to players and the game itself.

In addition to the financial benefits, the introduction has huge benefits for the clubs as well.

They can pay their player for a long period of time.

They have to find a solution to the players’ financial problems.

And the money will be used to pay other players.

The players will also get a chance at the most prestigious title in the game: the Champions prize.

The competition has always been a top-level competition, but it has always struggled to attract the best players in the country.

Now, with the introduction, it is not just the players who will be at the forefront of the championship.

It’s the clubs who will also be in that position.

It means that there will not be one player in Italy who can’t play for his club, and he will also have a better chance to play for the team that he loves.

It also means there will only one player who can win the title in Italy’s top-flight, and that is Juventus.

Juventus won the Serie B championship last season, and they won the league last season too.

The club is also the champions of Italy’s Serie A and they are going to have the chance to defend their title in 2017.

This season, the squad is full of players who have a big future ahead of them.

So Juventus will have to pay the most for their players, and will also pay players who are already well-known in Italy and will have been playing in the league for a few years already.

The addition of chequet money will make it

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