This is the herb that will cure you of your constipation

A growing body of evidence suggests the herbal medicine herb ginseng, sometimes called the ginsenoside, has the ability to help with constipation.

Ginsenosides have been shown to help reduce nausea and vomiting in both humans and animals, and they are commonly used as an alternative treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases.

But the effects of these herbs on constipation remain controversial.

“Ginseng is one of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine and is used for all sorts of different conditions,” said Dr. Jeffrey P. Storch, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“The scientific evidence that shows its use for constipation has not been as robust, but is much more consistent,” he added.

Ginso has been widely used as a herbal remedy for decades, but the FDA has only recently approved it for sale in the United States.

In the past, the agency approved ginsenoses for use to treat constipation, but it has since restricted the use to people who have an active form of the disease.

“We know that a large number of people with constrictive bowel syndrome, including those with active inflammatory bowel disease, do not respond to oral ginsensolone, and that there are some people who respond to ginsulin or ginseneolone,” Dr. Storsch said.

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out, and if we can find an effective, safe, and non-toxic way of helping with constriction, that would be a significant step forward,” he said.

Storch and colleagues found that people with active disease in both the digestive tract and the blood had significantly less absorption of ginsenesolone than those with no active disease, or active and nonactive disease.

“We have found that there is a significant reduction in absorption with ginsenaolone over oral gisoneolone for active disease,” Dr Storcher said.

That could mean people could take oral ginso at a lower dosage than they normally would, or even take oral supplements.

In some people, however, taking oral ginosolone might be better than taking oral gel-based ginsenerals, which have been linked to a number of serious side effects, including kidney stones, constipation and kidney failure.

Dr. P. S. Stolze, a gastroenterologist and chief medical officer of The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said he’s optimistic that oral ginoso may be a promising alternative to oral gelgels for the treatment of constipation for people with chronic disease.

The most recent research, which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Gastroenterological Association, suggests that oral gel supplements may help with symptoms, but there is not enough evidence to recommend them as a first-line treatment for constrictions, Dr. Soto said.

“If we have an idea of how ginsoenolone can be beneficial, then we could consider that,” he told ABC News.

Dr Soto added that oral gelatin and ginosenolone may have similar effects in people with an active disease.

Dr Stolzze said the latest research suggests that taking oral gelatin or ginosoenolones might be beneficial in some people.

“That would be great for people who are going to go back to the grocery store,” he noted.

In the meantime, people with severe constipation should be encouraged to get their ginsogen or ginoenolones.

The herbal supplements are available at most health food stores and are typically $10 for a 200-milligram capsule, $30 for a 400-millimule capsule or $50 for a 1,000-millimeter gel.

Dr Storner said that oral and oral gel formulations can also be used as treatment for severe constrictives, and he noted that ginso may be more effective than oral gel because it’s less acidic.

“Ginso is less acidic, which means it’s easier for the body to absorb, so it doesn’t require as much work to absorb it,” he explained.ABC News’ David Nisbet contributed to this report.

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