When does a Cuba herbal medicinal medicine get a green light?

The drug is the most expensive marijuana in the world, but the Cubas own brand of medicine has attracted much interest in recent years, thanks to a promising profile in The New York Times and a lucrative deal with China’s pharmaceutical giant.

The deal has allowed the Cubans to market the drug under a different name, and it’s being sold under a generic brand, making it difficult to track which brand is actually getting the best price.

“We have to trust the brand,” said Luis, the Cuban.

“But I think we can say that it is better than the other brand, because the brand is the one that we sell.”

The Cubans say the generic drug has a higher quality than their brand, and a lower price tag, although there are no details on what that means.

In the meantime, Cubas herbal medicine has caught the attention of international regulators.

In February, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a warning that the Cuba brand of herbal medicine “may be adulterated with a known psychoactive substance.”

A few weeks later, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) also issued a caution that the brand contained a psychoactive ingredient.

In March, the FDA announced it was moving ahead with its own investigation of the brand.

And in May, the DEA announced that it had asked the manufacturer of the generic medicine to halt production.

In a statement to The Associated Press, the Cuban government called the FDA’s investigation “unfounded and premature.”

“Our country’s government has never used the name Cubans herbal medicine to refer to any substance,” the statement said.

“In addition to the trademark violation, the brand name is in breach of international intellectual property law.”

The brand of generic medicine sold in the United States is being called the “Harmony.”

It comes with a label stating that the medicine “contains the most potent formulation of the Cubastan plant known to mankind.”

It does not list any indication that the drug is a narcotic or other illegal substance.

A spokeswoman for the FDA declined to comment on the agency’s investigation.

The DEA, which has been investigating the brand since 2015, said in a statement that it has been conducting a criminal investigation and is “seeking information from Cubas manufacturer and distributor of the Harmony brand of medicines.”

But the company said the FDA investigation is not related to its investigation of Cubas generic medicine.

“The Harmony brand is a product of the Cuban Government and its pharmaceutical industry, and has been manufactured under its label, Harmony brand, for the past 15 years,” the company’s statement said, without providing further information.

The generic medicine has been in the news recently for other reasons.

In May, authorities in California found a small amount of synthetic marijuana in a backpack belonging to an FBI informant.

The drug, called “cocaine crystals,” was found in a bag that contained more than $10,000 in cash, and the amount was believed to be $6 million.

Authorities also found a bag of heroin in a hotel room that was rented by the same informant.

Authorities have charged the man with conspiracy to distribute heroin and heroin conspiracy, as well as possession of a controlled substance.

In October, federal agents arrested a man in Michigan who they say was planning to smuggle the drug.

But he was detained in Guatemala, and agents say they will not charge him.

Authorities are still looking for the man in Mexico, but he has not been charged with any crimes.

Meanwhile, the generic marijuana brand of the same name sold in New Zealand is also being investigated by authorities.

The New Zealand government says it is not looking into the drug at this time.

But the DEA said in April that it was conducting a preliminary investigation into the brand, according to Reuters.

The agency said it has received a “preliminary threat assessment” from the manufacturer and will determine whether to pursue the matter further.

“If the product is found to contain any psychoactive ingredients, the government of New Zealand will take immediate action, including prosecution of the person responsible,” the DEA statement said at the time.

“As a precautionary measure, we have asked the New Zealand company to cease production of the product.”

The DEA also announced that its investigation is ongoing.

In April, DEA officials in New Mexico told Reuters they were reviewing the brand’s labeling.

The brand is not available for purchase in New York, which is home to the only federally regulated marijuana industry in the country.

“New Mexico is currently in the process of reviewing and reviewing the content of the label and any other product information associated with the Harmony product to determine if it is safe to purchase,” a spokesperson for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security said in an email.

A spokesperson for New York’s Department of Health said the agency had not received a complaint about the brand from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and no further action has been taken.

The Cuban government has been trying to sell its herbal medicine for years,

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