A new herbal medicine can prevent and reverse the rare, life-threatening liver cancer, say scientists

A new medicinal treatment that uses the power of herbs and spices could prevent and treat liver cancer in a mouse model, according to researchers at University College London and University College Dublin.

The research, published in Nature Communications, was based on a mouse liver cancer model that was genetically modified to respond to the drug, LIP2C1.

The team used mice that had already been given LIP1C1 in a trial to examine the efficacy of the drug.

The team used the mouse model to examine how the drug could be used in humans.

It found that the drug did not affect the mice’s immune system or their overall health, but was effective at reducing the progression of liver cancer.

The findings were a big step forward in terms of understanding how LIP works and how it could be helpful in treating cancer.

Professor Alan Henshaw, who led the study, said: “LIP2 is a novel drug that has been found to inhibit cancer cells from attacking the liver.

It is also an interesting model of cancer because it can be used to test whether a drug can actually be effective.”

It is very exciting to see the drug being used clinically to treat a disease that has traditionally been treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“The liver is the major organ of the body and there is a very strong immune response, so it is important that it is treated correctly.”LIP was developed by researchers from the University of California at Davis and the University College of London and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, which are part of the UK National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“The drug has already been tested in mice that have cancer but not yet in humans and it has been shown to have an anti-cancer effect.”

He added: “The results of this study are encouraging, as it indicates that LIP has a potential for clinical use in humans.”

“It could also be useful for treating people who have a rare form of liver disease that we do not yet know how to treat.”

These findings could lead to more treatments for rare diseases that we cannot currently treat with standard therapies.

“Professor Henshaws research team include Associate Professor Anastasia Stojic, Professor Michael D’Arcy and Professor Adrian Kuczmarski.

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