When to call for herbal medicine

Health workers have been advised to call their local pharmacy to get herbal medicines at an affordable price.

Dr John Cairns said people in his local community needed to call ahead to get the tablets.

“It is about saving money and getting the herbal medicines.

So if you don’t have access to the pharmacy, if you live in a remote area, or if you are on foot, you can call them, and if you need the herbal medicine, you’ll be able to get it for free,” he said.

Dr Cairn said the only other option for people who needed to use herbal medicine was to buy it at the market.

“You can go to a local shop, which sells it for $4 to $6 a bottle,” he explained.

“And they’ll give you the herbal remedy for free.

So, it is a very cost effective way of getting the medicinal things for a price.”

So if you want to buy the herbal remedies, there’s no other option.

“Dr Cairs advice comes after reports of an outbreak of a new strain of the H5N1 bird flu in the Tasmanian bushland last month.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the outbreak is linked to the coronavirus.

The state has been on high alert since last month, with coronaviruses spreading in Tasmania and elsewhere across the country.”

I’m not surprised that people are calling for herbal medicines, because that’s what people are in need of, it’s what they need, and they’re willing to pay a price for it,” Dr Cairs said.”

They need to do what they can to save money and make sure they have access and access to a variety of remedies.

“For me, that’s where the real magic comes from.”

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